A Better Smile Can Be In Reach

The most vital important to a beautiful smile is having great looking, white teeth. To accomplish this, healthy teeth are essential to maintain that shiny, glossy look to your teeth. However, just having healthy teeth isn’t enough if you’re striving to achieve that perfect smile. Various imperfections in your teeth can impede the look of your smile, including misaligned teeth, teeth that have been chipped, or teeth that don’t match in size.

Here, cosmetic dentistry can help.

Cosmetic dentistry is the process of dental work intended to make your teeth look better. It can be used to fix your teeth’s look, your gums, and your bite, changing the aesthetics in regards to color, positioning, shape, size, and alignment.

Here are some examples.

Veneers. For those who have minor damage on their teeth, discoloration, or crookedness, veneers can be an option. These are thin shells that cover your teeth, improving the shape and and color to improve the overall appearance.

Implants. If you have missing teeth, there’s hope. Dental implants are titanium roots that are inserted into your jaw, with a crown attached onto it to replace any missing teeth. The benefit is the permanence. Implants are made to last and root integrates with the bone of your jaw to ensure strength and durability.

Realignment. Misaligned teeth can hurt the look of your smile. Realigners can slowly move your teeth into their proper positions for the perfect look.

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