Tooth Bonding

Bonding is both quick and painless, and it doesn’t take very long, as you can have several teeth bonded in a single visit. For these reasons, bonding is considered to be a more conservative option than other cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as veneers. Not only does bonding allow your tooth to maintain its natural structure, but the resin can be colored and sculpted to resemble real tooth enamel. Nevertheless, bonding resin is just as likely to become stained as natural tooth enamel, meaning that coffee, tobacco, and other staining substances will have the same effect on your bonded resin.

dental bonding honolulu oahu hawaii

Honolulu cosmetic dentist Dr. Adachi offers bonding procedures to Honolulu and Hawaii residents in need of expert dental care. During the procedure, Dr. Adachi will place a clear, plastic film between the tooth being treated and the teeth surrounding it in order to protect the neighboring teeth from composite resin that may leak or spread. The resin will be placed on your teeth in layers, with the last layer being hardened, shaped, and polished to look as natural as possible. Please contact us today by calling us at (808) 670-3576 or by filling the form below to have us call you back to learn how Dr. Adachi’s Honolulu cosmetic dentistry team can make your smile sparkle with Honolulu tooth bonding.


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